25 February 2014

Last Week of Illustrator Class: Birds, Boats, and Business

Well, did you make it through all my homework posts?  This is the last one, I promise.  I'm so glad I took the class; look what I can do now!

Three Birds in Illustrator

I found I photo I'd taken who knows when of a bird in snow, and used Illustrator's Image Trace feature to turn it into a vector image.  I made a couple copies, played with the colors, and there you go.

Three Birds in Illustrator pattern

And why not make it into a pattern?  I think this would be really nice on fabric, maybe for a pillow...

Starry Night Sailboat

I didn't realize I liked sailboats so much, but I love love LOVE the boat pictures I made this week and last.

Hey Lynn Etsy Shop Banner

For my final project, I made a set of designs for my Etsy shop that I will hopefully be opening soon.  

Oh, and I re-did some stuff for my blog.  :)

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