25 February 2014

Last Week of Illustrator Class: Birds, Boats, and Business

Well, did you make it through all my homework posts?  This is the last one, I promise.  I'm so glad I took the class; look what I can do now!

Three Birds in Illustrator

I found I photo I'd taken who knows when of a bird in snow, and used Illustrator's Image Trace feature to turn it into a vector image.  I made a couple copies, played with the colors, and there you go.

Three Birds in Illustrator pattern

And why not make it into a pattern?  I think this would be really nice on fabric, maybe for a pillow...

Starry Night Sailboat

I didn't realize I liked sailboats so much, but I love love LOVE the boat pictures I made this week and last.

Hey Lynn Etsy Shop Banner

For my final project, I made a set of designs for my Etsy shop that I will hopefully be opening soon.  

Oh, and I re-did some stuff for my blog.  :)

18 February 2014

Sailboats and Elephants: Illustrator Class Again

I hope you're not tired of seeing my Illustrator homework, because it's still coming!

Baby Elephant Lost His Balloon (with Illustrator)

For week 3, I drew this cute elephant.  Poor little guy.  I hope you can get a new balloon.

Sailboats on a Wavy Sea (with Illustrator)

I've had the idea for this illustration for years, only it was going to be a quilt.  I don't know that I'll ever make it as a quilt, but I love it as a piece of art!  If I ever have a boy, he is most definitely getting a nautical-themed nursery.

I love this piece.  :)

13 February 2014

You've Got Valentine's Mail

Jill Made It: Date Night in the Mail

Need a last-minute Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart?  How about some mail?

Jill Made It: You've Got Valentine's Mail

I made these for my hubby for Christmas, but they make great Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary, Father's Day, or just anytime presents!

All you need is twelve envelopes, some paper, a pen/marker, and imagination!  For each envelope (and month of the year), you come up with a date idea.  Write it down, and slip it in the envelope.  Label each envelope with the appropriate month, and any preparations you may need to take care of before Date Night.  That way, the date plans can be kept a surprise until the it's time!

Jill Made It:  February Date

For example, for our February Date, we'll be making fresh pasta and watching a romantic movie.  That means we need a babysitter for dinnertime.  

Other instructions could be, "Saturday Date" for an afternoon hiking trip, or "Buy Tickets and get babysitter" if you're going to a baseball game.  

The best part about this Valentine's Mail, besides that you'll be spending lots of time with your sweetie, is that you can customize the dates to be exactly right for you and your significant other.

If you'd like some simple date ideas, click over to see my Year of {Cheap, Fun, Simple} Date Nights. These are mostly at-home (no babysitter needed!) date ideas.

What are some great date ideas you've tried?  I'd love to hear them!