28 March 2014

365 Patterns: Lots of Love

I decided to go with a theme for this week's patterns, so get ready for lots of love!

365 Patterns:  Hand Drawn Hearts

I like the hand drawn feel of these hearts; sometimes Illustrator projects can feel too neat and clean.  Wouldn't this pattern make for great wrapping paper?

365 Patterns:  Pink and Green Hearts

I wanted to make the green hearts to seem random, even though it's the same block of hearts repeated.    The trick is simply to start with a large enough block of pink and green hearts.

365 Patterns:  Valentine's Hearts

This, to me, looks like a classic Valentine's Day pattern, good for stationary, wrapping paper, or whatever.  Lots of use...but not terribly exciting.  And I just realized some of those hearts are doing funny spiky things...I'll have to look at the original file and figure out what's up...

365 Patterns:  Interlocking Hearts

Ah, interlocking hearts.  That's a little more fun.

365 Patterns:  Painted Hearts

For this pattern, I experimented with different brushes in Illustrator, something I don't do nearly enough.

365 Patterns:  I'll Love You Forever

This is my favorite of this week's patterns, and it was probably the easiest, too.  There are so many things I'd use this.  My favorite idea, though, is for a duvet cover.  Wouldn't you just feel happy every time you walked into you room?

365 Patterns:  Hand Drawn Hearts 2

(Sorry to be anti-climatic with this variation of the first pattern.  The numbering got off; it was supposed to be the first pattern, not the last.)  I like this heart pattern.  Not much more to say.

Did you like having a theme?  Is there any pattern/image you'd like to see me create?  I'd love to hear what you have to say!

21 March 2014

365 Patterns: Stormy Clouds and Sunny Flowers

For this week's patterns, I revisited some themes from last week, and added some new ones.

365 Patterns:  Random Citrus

First, I did another version of the Citrus Dots I did last week.  I like it.  Bright and happy.

365 Patterns:  Linking Ovals

This pattern was inspired by one I've seen recently.  Okay, it's just like the lining of our diaper bag, only with reversed colors.

365 Patterns:  Strawberry Blossoms

I was feeling like strawberries today, so this pattern turned into a lattice of strawberry blossoms.

365 Patterns:  Strawberries

And then the strawberries themselves.

365 Patterns:  Stormy Clouds

Again, sitting in choir, singing "Singin' in the Rain," I was inspired to make more rainy day patterns.

365 Patterns:  Happy Abstract Flowers

I was working on a flower pattern that was just not working, so I gave up on it (for the moment—I hope to get it figured out eventually) and whipped up this pattern.  I love it!  It's so happy and bright.  Who else is ready for spring?

365 Patterns:  Beachy Argyle

And lastly, my Beachy Argyle.  This pattern was harder than I expected, but again, it is an interlocking pattern, so I should have known.  I just expect classic patterns to be easier for some reason.  I did finally mostly get it.  Some of the stripes don't meet up quite right, but you have to zoom in really close to tell.

My favorite patterns of the week are, by far, the Stormy Clouds and the Sunny Flowers.  What are your favorites?  Any suggestions for future patterns? 

18 March 2014

Every Baby Boy Needs a Tribal Frog Onesie

Hand-Stamped Tribal Frog Onesie

So, you know I like to make, rather than buy, presents for babies.  I've made quilts (like the Finding Nemo Quilt and Elephant Quilts for Twins), burp cloths, and nursing covers.  Right now, I like decorating onesies.

Specifically, I like to carve custom stamps, and stamp the onesies.  I've made flower, crab, crawfish, seahorse, starfish, and now frog stamps.  It's so fun to make (and use) a hand-carved stamp.  I have another baby shower coming up, this time for a baby girl, so I'm thinking about carving a new stamp. What design to do...?

Hand-Stamped Tribal Frog Onesie 2

What do you like to give for baby shower presents?  What is the best baby gift you've received?

14 March 2014

365 Patterns: Raindrops and Daisies (and more)

Week 2 of my pattern challenge!

365 Patterns:  White Daisies

I really like this daisy pattern.  It's white flowers on a blank background, so I can make it in any color I feel like at the moment!

365 Patterns:  Raindrops (Singing in the Rain)

The choir I'm in is preforming "Singin' in the Rain" this season.  I was inspired.  I'm planning to make another pattern sometime with a little man dancing in the rain.  :)

365 Patterns:  Blue Design

Wouldn't this design be nice for curtains, or pillows, or a rug...

365 Patterns:  Blue Design options

These four patterns are actually the same artwork as #10, but tiled differently.  Cool, huh?

365 Patterns:  Yellow, Black, and White

I had too much fun with this one; I made it into seven or so color schemes.

365 Patterns:  Pink and White Houndstooth

I thought I'd try a nice, classic pattern.  That'd be easy, right?  Wrong.  This was actually really hard to get right.  (Probably because it's an interlocking, rather than just repeating, pattern.)  Finally got it, though.

365 Patterns:  Pink, Green, and White Houndstooth

One good houndstooth deserves another, right?  If you thought it'd be simple to just recolor some of the ... hounds teeth?...you'd be wrong.  But I do like how it turned out, and I'm glad I could figure it out.

365 Patterns:  Happy Citrus

Simple pattern today.  Just some nice, happy citrus to brighten your day!

Do you have any suggestions for future patterns?  I'd love to hear them!

07 March 2014

365 Patterns Challenge

Something I really like about Illustrator CS6 is the pattern making capabilities.  Apparently, pre-CS6, making seamlessly repeating patterns was pretty obnoxious to do.  Now, it's so easy!

Two of the teachers at Nichole's Classes (where I took my Illustrator class) undertook a really cool challenge last year—to make a new pattern every single day of the year.  For the whole entire year.
(Click here and here their work. )

It's a lot.

I thought that was a pretty awesome way to learn/practice Illustrator, so I've decided to take on that challenge this year myself.  So each week, I'll be showing you what I've done.  

365 Patterns Black and White Polka Dots

I started out really simple:  Polka Dots!  Love me some black and white polka dots.

365 Patterns White on Purple Polka Dots

As simple as the black and white polka dots were, I actually learned a lot from making them.  For example, I realized that you don't have to include a background in the pattern.  These polka dots are just repeating white circles that can be placed on any colored background.  Talk about versatile.

365 Patterns Blue Organic

This pattern (not chronologically #3, but I didn't keep track of the order, so here it is) came from the artistic version of a writer's block.  Nothing was working; nothing was right.  And Boo wanted me to paint with her.  So I did.  I painted an organic blue doodle, liked it, scanned it into the computer, used Live Trace on it to turn it into a vector object, and made it a pattern.  I like it.  I'll have to paint my patterns again.

365 Patterns Blue Organic Bubbles

This pattern came from #3.  I wondered if I might like it better not all organic, but with circles and ovals instead.  It reminds Kelli of jewelry.

365 Patterns Interlocking Fish

Ah, this one was hard.  I really wanted to try to make a pattern that actually interlocked, rather than just repeated.  It took a while, but I got it.

365 Patterns Interlocking Fish, two colors

And this is the same as the last one only in two colors instead of four.  I kind of like the simplicity of having only two colors.

365 Patterns Calla Lillies

I love these calla lilies.  The idea for this pattern just came to me one night—"What if you made stripes, only they were actually calla lilies?"  The pattern ended up more calla lily and less stripe, but I still love it.

365 Patterns Purple Vine Flowers

I wanted to try a more simple flower design.  I think it would be better a little bigger, and the nice thing about Illustrator is that it's easy to change the scale.

I had a really nice streak going on, but then all four of us—the little ones, hubby, and I—all got a really bad cough/congestion/holding-the-baby-all-night-long-because-she-couldn't-sleep-laying-down sickness that lasted an entire week and totally derailed my pattern-making, to say nothing of life in general.  (We're finally pretty much over it...)  So I realized a pattern every day might not be reasonable, but I'll try my best.  And, hey, I can always make up the sick days.