28 March 2014

365 Patterns: Lots of Love

I decided to go with a theme for this week's patterns, so get ready for lots of love!

365 Patterns:  Hand Drawn Hearts

I like the hand drawn feel of these hearts; sometimes Illustrator projects can feel too neat and clean.  Wouldn't this pattern make for great wrapping paper?

365 Patterns:  Pink and Green Hearts

I wanted to make the green hearts to seem random, even though it's the same block of hearts repeated.    The trick is simply to start with a large enough block of pink and green hearts.

365 Patterns:  Valentine's Hearts

This, to me, looks like a classic Valentine's Day pattern, good for stationary, wrapping paper, or whatever.  Lots of use...but not terribly exciting.  And I just realized some of those hearts are doing funny spiky things...I'll have to look at the original file and figure out what's up...

365 Patterns:  Interlocking Hearts

Ah, interlocking hearts.  That's a little more fun.

365 Patterns:  Painted Hearts

For this pattern, I experimented with different brushes in Illustrator, something I don't do nearly enough.

365 Patterns:  I'll Love You Forever

This is my favorite of this week's patterns, and it was probably the easiest, too.  There are so many things I'd use this.  My favorite idea, though, is for a duvet cover.  Wouldn't you just feel happy every time you walked into you room?

365 Patterns:  Hand Drawn Hearts 2

(Sorry to be anti-climatic with this variation of the first pattern.  The numbering got off; it was supposed to be the first pattern, not the last.)  I like this heart pattern.  Not much more to say.

Did you like having a theme?  Is there any pattern/image you'd like to see me create?  I'd love to hear what you have to say!

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