01 April 2014

All Things Pretty Necklace Review

Who likes jewelry?  Pfft, who  doesn't like jewelry?  I just found about a new place for getting some beautiful eye candy.

Kitsy Lane Necklace Review 1

Like this lovely necklace here.  This is the Annalise Necklace from All Things Pretty.  I love the dramatic length of it, and the gold and pink look so nice against my dark blue shirt.

Kitsy Lane Necklace Review 2

And I just thought this post could use another picture.  Hi, me!  Now that that little bit of dorky-ness is out of the way, you might want to click over to their Pinterest board to see what other bits of sparkle All Things Pretty has to offer.  

Their stuff is seriously pretty.  They have everything from bold and dramatic to simple and sweet, modern to classic, super sparkly to understated.  

Disclaimer:  I was given this necklace for free in order to write a review.  All my own opinions, etc, etc.

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