30 April 2014

So long. Farewell. Aufedersein. Good-bye.

I realized the other day, I don't need to write this blog anymore.  It's served it's purpose.  It's served several, in fact.  But it's not anymore.  I just don't need it.

I started this blog when Boo was one year old because I needed something that STAYED DONE.  Not just, my baby's diaper is clean for—excuse me—her diaper is clean again for the moment.  

Then I kept writing the blog because, well, I like it.  And also because I was worried that if I didn't have the routine of blog-doing, I also wouldn't make my projects, but instead would just ... burn brain cells (my husband's term for TV watching) on the couch every evening or something.

I'd really like to write a book.  For a while, this blog served that purpose—I was publishing something that people actually read.  But it's not a book.  I'm going to write a real book, send it to a publisher, and hopefully get it out on the bookstore shelves.

I still enjoy writing my blog, but I've decided that it's time to be done.  Coming to that decision was really freeing, actually.  The blog has served it's purpose and is now getting in the way of life.

I know I won't just do nothing now that I'm not posting it for the world.  But I will do some different things.  Now I have time to work on projects that will take a long time and not be blog-worthy, like organizing and editing my family photos.  (Which will be a HUGE project.  I shoot in RAW, which means that every photo needs to be processed.  By me.  It will take a while.)

Now I don't have to choose between finishing a project in time for my self-imposed blog schedule or actually exercising.

I'll probably write another blog eventually, but not this one.  (I'd like to write a blog as part of a group of bloggers.  I like doing everything on my blog, but I don't like doing EV. ERY. THING on my blog.  I think a group effort would be lots of fun, and easier, too.)

So this is my last post.  I hope you've enjoyed it.  I certainly have.  


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