04 April 2014

365 Patterns: Happy Rocks, Monsters, and Frogs, Oh, My

This 365 Patterns series has two purposes:  to keep me practicing Illustrator after my class ended, and to learn and use more skills.  Hopefully, my patterns will just get better as the year goes on.

365 Patterns:  Balloons

I love these balloons!  This is my first (successful) use of gradients, and I think they greatly improve the simple balloons.

365 Patterns:  Strawberry, Chocolate, and Creme Dots

Just simple dots.  But I like dots, so there you go.

365 Patterns:  Happy Rocks

I call this pattern Happy River Rocks.  The purple/yellow/blue color scheme just makes me smile.

365 Patterns: Camouflage Frogs

Do you recognize these frogs?  They came from the Tribal Frog Onesie I made for a baby shower present a few weeks ago.  I actually made the design on the computer before carving the stamp, so turning the image into a pattern was easy-peasy.  I love how, if you step back from the pattern a bit, the frogs turn into a camouflage pattern.  My husband suggested that this pattern would be great for little boys' shorts.  Wouldn't that be cute?

365 Patterns: Let it Go

Okay, not excited about this one.  Snowflakes.  Meh, whatever.

365 Patterns: Monster Scales

I do like this one.  I wanted to try a technique I learned for "spot detailing" (what the instructor called it).  I think this looks like scales—monster scales, since they're purposefully irregular.  :)

365 Patterns: Twisted Hexagons

Really simple, but I'd been wanting to do a hexagon pattern.  It reminds me of a quilt design I've seen.

On a completely different topic, is it getting to be spring for you yet?  I'm totally done with winter, so hopefully winter is totally done with me.  We've been having a couple warm days, then a couple really cold days...

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