28 September 2011

My First Giveaway! {My Memories Digital Scrapbook Software}

(This giveaway is now closed.)

I'm not really a scrapbooker, but when Liz from My Memories contacted me about doing a giveaway of their digital scrapbooking software, I was so excited!  Offering my wonderful readers free stuff?  Of course I said yes!

One lucky winner will get this digital scrapbooking software for free!  And all of you get a coupon code for $10 off the purchase of the software PLUS a $10 coupon for goodies in their shop!

Alright, I know you're excited about the giveaway, but I've got to do the review first.  Patience, Grasshopper.

(I know a lot of you are probably super scrapbookers, so don't laugh at my newbie efforts, okay?)

Here's my first page.  I started pretty much from scratch, using a Photos Only template.  It was kinda' difficult.  But I realized it was pretty ambitious for a scrapbooking-newbie like me to learn new software on a mostly-from-scratch project.

So I decided I should start with some of the just-add-pictures templates My Memories has.  It was lots easier, and I got the hang of the software.  (Aww, Boo was so little!)

Since I'm not a scrapbooker, I thought I'd try a different kind of project:

Birthday Invitations for Boo!
(Can you believe she's almost two?  How'd that happen?)

  I started this completely from scratch, without even picture place-holders.  It was easy!  And I think it turned out pretty cute!

So the verdict:  Good program, fun to use, and lots of great possibilities.

There is a learning curve, but it's really pretty easy to figure out.  I do suggest reading the Frequently Asked Questions if you need some help, and just giving yourself some time to play with it and explore the possibilities.

I love that there are lots of choices for paper and embellishments and such--including lots for free!  (I created all these pages with only free kits.)

The organization within the program could be a little better.  All the embellishments, for example, are stored in the same place; I wish there was a "My Downloads" tab so I could quickly find the new embellishments I just downloaded instead of sorting through everything.

I do like that there are several ways to get to anything you need, so you can use the one that makes the most sense to you.

I also like that the Control Panel opens automatically to whatever element (photo, embellishment, etc) that you click on so you know exactly how you can manipulate that element.

I know, I know--enough talk!  It's time for the giveaway!

*To Enter*
--This giveaway is for my followers.  If you're not already a follower, that's easy to fix...  :)
--Visit MyMemories.com and pick out your favorite paper pack, scrapbooking kit, etc and leave me a comment telling me what it is.

*For additional entries, you can*
--Follow the My Memories blog
--"Like" My Memories on Facebook
--Follow My Memories on Twitter

Be sure to leave a separate comment for every entry!  Also, I'll contact the winner by e-mail, so either include your e-mail in your comment, or have your e-mail accessible from your blogger profile.  (If you don't know how, click over to my tutorial.)

And don't forget about the coupon code!  Just enter STMMMS40673 for $10 off the purchase of the My Memories Suite software, plus $10 your purchase of digital scrapbooking wonderfulness.  Feel free to share this code with all your friends.

Good luck, everyone!

I will announce the winner next Wednesday!  (The coupon code is good for longer.)

(Note:  Even though this is obviously a sponsored post, the opinions are all completely mine.  I wouldn't recommend something I didn't think you'd like.)


  1. You did a great job on your pages. I don't know--some people really go all out artistically with scrapbooking. I've always preferred it to be more simple. :) Anyway, I am following you (entry #1!)


  2. I followed the My Memories blog! (#2)


  3. I followed them on Twitter! :) (#3)


  4. And I LIKED them on Facebook! Wheeee! (#4)

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)


  5. Nice work, Jill! Your designs turned out lovely!

    I follow via GFC.

  6. I like the colors in The Thought of You pack.


  7. Oh, that sounds so fun! I just started a scrapbook feature on my blog for other bloggers and authors, I would LOVE to get it!

    My favorite template is the "Rosie Affair Template" =D

    I'm following you as reading romances

  8. Hello dear!

    First I want you to know that its extremely hard to find just one that I liked. But I think the winner is Bugs & Kisses!!


  9. Of the ones I looked at, the Christmas Carol's paper pack was one of my favorites. It seemed like something that could be used for a lot of things (Christmas things, at least).


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