12 September 2011

My Happy Yellow Summer Skirt

I know, I know, summer's practically over, but I actually made this skirt a while ago and kinda forgot about posting it.  Then today, I saw it hanging in my closet, just asking to be worn...And I actually got around to persuading someone to take pictures of me in it, which was the real hang-up.  (Thanks, hubby!)

(Hey, look!  It's me!)

And here's the pattern:  McCall's 4324

Making this skirt was a bit of an adventure.  The pattern is from 1974 (does that count as vintage?) and I didn't really understand the instructions.  And then I lost said instructions.


But it worked out anyways, as you can tell.  The instructions (what I remembered of them) actually made sense when I was actually sewing the skirt.

I chose this pattern because I wanted a light, flowing, summer-friendly skirt.  And since it's a wrap-around skirt, I didn't have to buy a zipper.  (Thrifty score!)  And the pattern was free, since it's my mom's.  (Double-thrifty score!)

Now that it's done, I'm glad I did choose it, because, since it's a wrap-around skirt, it still fits perfectly, even though I lost about 10 lbs since I made it!  (I finally decided the last bit of baby weight had to go--Boo was a year and a half already.)

Hurray for perfectly fitting, light and flowing skirts.


  1. That's so cute! I think I'm going to make one too. I'll have to go find a pattern. Good job!

  2. I love those old patterns they're so great! It looks really cute on you!


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