31 August 2011

Don't Be a No-Reply Comment Blogger! I Want To Respond To Your Comments

Soooooo...I've been writing e-mails to nobody.

No, I'm not crazy.

(Well, maybe I am, but the e-mails have nothing to do with it.)

I have my blog set up so that your wonderful comments are sent to my e-mail.  I try to respond to your comments, because I love that you decided to take the time to let me know you liked my post.  (Thank you!!!)  Or I can answer any questions that you have.  But often the "To" field says, "noreply-comment@blogger.com."  Which means you are not getting my reply.  So I'm writing to nobody.

Would you like to hear back from me?  It's an easy fix.  Ready?

Log in to Blogger.
Go to your Dashboard.
Choose Edit Profile.  (It's next to your picture.)

Now, in the Privacy section (it's at the top), check the box that says "Show my e-mail address."
In the next section (the Identity section), enter the e-mail where you would like to receive blogger e-mails, like my replies. :)

Save, and you're done.  And now I can talk to you.  Hurray!

PS:  If you would like to set up your blog so that comments are e-mailed to you, that's really easy to do, too.
Go to your Dashboard-->Settings-->Comments.  Now scroll down to the bottom, and you will see "Comment Notification E-Mail."  Pick which e-mail address you want comments sent to, and click Save Settings.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Woof! Woof! Yes I had mine set-up correctly ... that's why you responded to my ?. Lots of Golden Thanks again. Golden Woofs, Sugar


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