29 August 2011

Who's Pintrested?

Well, I finally did it:  I started a Pintrest account.  The reason that I didn't start before is that I knew I'd be addicted.  And I was right!  I love seeing what my friends posted, and I love having a visual record of all the stuff I think is cool.  (Must. Not. Check. Pinterest.  Must. Finish. Blog. Post...)


And I'm back.  My sister needed an explanation of what Pinterest is.  So I was distracted for a moment.  In case you don't know what Pinterest is...

Pinterest.com is a website for storing all the cool stuff you find on the web.  It's also for sharing those cool things with your friends.  (And finding new cool things from them--as if I didn't have enough projects I wanted to do!)  

If you're like me, you have lots of bookmarks/links to fun crafty tutorials saved on your computer.  

(My Life Before Pinterest)

But I am now transferring these links to Pinterest.

You need an invite to join Pinterest.  Leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I'll send you one.

If you are already on Pinterest and would like to follow me, here's my profile page:  

Happy Pinning!

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