22 August 2011

End of Vacation, and Introducing...

Ah, I love vacations, especially when that vacation is visiting family.  And when that vacation-to-visit-family is practically free--all the better.  We just got back a few days ago.  Ah, well.  Back to business.

Two weeks ago, Mr. MadeIt had training for work in another state.  Three days of training, plus a day on each side for traveling--bleh.  BUT Mr. MadeIt's parents just moved about a half hour away from the training site, so Boo and I went with him!  We got to visit with family we hadn't seen since Christmas, and Mr. MadeIt had his way paid by his employer.  And SkyMiles paid for my airplane ticket, and Boo is still young enough to fly free.  Sweet.

My mother-in-law is really crafty, and she gave me lots of good ideas for fun stuff to make, and I thought I'd write a mini-series about these projects.  So, without further ado,

MIL Made It

First up, the Animal Bath Pal.

Okay, so I'm not sure if my MIL made this, but it would be pretty easy.  And Boo loved bath time with this little guy.  I think it would be fun to make several of these wash cloth animals, each with different animal designs.  I'll write up a tutorial soon--once I've made the project.

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