18 April 2014

365 Patterns: Easter Edition

I don't know why Easter snuck up on me this year.  In my mind, Easter was always about a month or two away. Until a couple weeks ago, when I realized I had better get started on Easter preparations!

So last weekend, we bought Easter candy and goodies.  Grandparents wanted to get the girls their Easter dresses, so that's done.  And this past week, I made a couple more simple shirts for Boo!  I'll show you those later—I thought about making Easter-specific shirts, but then they're weird to wear after the holiday.  I made her nice summer play shirts instead. (Nope, Daddy's Girl isn't getting new play clothes; she has lots that fit.  It's the tragedy of being the younger child.  At least until she's old enough to know.)

And I made some Easter patterns.  I wanted to make religious patterns, Easter being a religious holiday and all, but without going the obvious route.  And there are some Easter eggs and Peeps thrown in for fun, too.  Hope you like them!

Easter Patterns:  Stained Glass Windows | Jill Made It

The inspiration for this pattern was the beautiful stained glass windows I saw in so many cathedrals the one time I've been to Europe.  (One of these days I'll make it back; that was a great trip.)  On a technical note, look closely at the glass—I used a new technique I've learned called Inner Glow. Pretty nice, huh?
Easter Patterns:  Honey did He Eat | Jill Made It

It's actually really hard to think of religious-themed Easter designs when you exclude the most common motifs.  My husband suggested honeycomb, because Jesus ate fish and honeycomb after he was resurrected (Luke 24:36-43).  

Easter Patterns:  Easter Eggs | Jill Made It

And for some non-religous fun, I love these Easter eggs.  They're just so happy!  And fast to make.  That's always nice.

Easter Patterns:  Pink Flowers | Jill Made It

I do like this pattern, but I don't love it.  It's pretty and useable (little girl's dress, perhaps?) but not terribly exciting or innovative.  I was practicing gradients again.  And made flowers.  Woo-hoo.

Easter Patterns:  Easter Chevrons | Jill Made It

Chevrons are cool.

Easter Patterns:  Easter Bunny Peeps | Jill Made It

Do you like Peeps?  I don't.  But the bunny shaped Peeps are pretty much adorable.  

Easter Patterns:  He is Risen! | Jill Made It

Finishing off this week's pattern set is my He is Risen! pattern.  I love how the text looks like shouting, and I colored the pattern like an old newspaper to emphasize the feeling. He is Risen!  Hallelujah!  Let everyone know so we can all celebrate together!  

Happy Easter to you and yours.

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