08 April 2014

Simple Shirt for My Little Goofball

Boo has a t-shirt that I just really really like the fit of.  So I copied it.  It's a simple two piece pattern—just a front and back, with no separate sleeve pieces.  If you're new to using existing clothes as patterns, I suggest trying this kind of shirt.  Or if you've been copying for a long time, I still recommend a shirt like this.  Who doesn't like near-instant gratification?

Jill Made It | Simple Shirt for Kids

Boo likes for me to take pictures of her for exactly as long as she wants, and that time is never very long.

Jill Made It | Simple Shirt for Kids 2

Today, our picture-taking window was really short.  She's a good sport, though, and I was able to cajole her into letting me take a few more pictures.

Jill Made It | Simple Shirt for Kids 3

Because, as adorable as this face is, this picture doesn't really show off her new shirt very well.

Jill Made It | Simple Shirt for Kids 4

  And I'd like a smile please?

Jill Made It | Simple Shirt for Kids 5

There we go.  Good job, Boo.

Jill Made It | Simple Shirt for Kids  with Pocket

By the way, did you notice we cut Boo's hair?  First time ever, excepting trimming her bangs.  Her hair hung all the day down her back, if you remember.  (If you don't—her hair hung all the way down her back.)  She finally got tired of having us brush out so many tangles, so after church one day—haircut time!  We love her new look!

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