14 March 2014

365 Patterns: Raindrops and Daisies (and more)

Week 2 of my pattern challenge!

365 Patterns:  White Daisies

I really like this daisy pattern.  It's white flowers on a blank background, so I can make it in any color I feel like at the moment!

365 Patterns:  Raindrops (Singing in the Rain)

The choir I'm in is preforming "Singin' in the Rain" this season.  I was inspired.  I'm planning to make another pattern sometime with a little man dancing in the rain.  :)

365 Patterns:  Blue Design

Wouldn't this design be nice for curtains, or pillows, or a rug...

365 Patterns:  Blue Design options

These four patterns are actually the same artwork as #10, but tiled differently.  Cool, huh?

365 Patterns:  Yellow, Black, and White

I had too much fun with this one; I made it into seven or so color schemes.

365 Patterns:  Pink and White Houndstooth

I thought I'd try a nice, classic pattern.  That'd be easy, right?  Wrong.  This was actually really hard to get right.  (Probably because it's an interlocking, rather than just repeating, pattern.)  Finally got it, though.

365 Patterns:  Pink, Green, and White Houndstooth

One good houndstooth deserves another, right?  If you thought it'd be simple to just recolor some of the ... hounds teeth?...you'd be wrong.  But I do like how it turned out, and I'm glad I could figure it out.

365 Patterns:  Happy Citrus

Simple pattern today.  Just some nice, happy citrus to brighten your day!

Do you have any suggestions for future patterns?  I'd love to hear them!

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