21 March 2014

365 Patterns: Stormy Clouds and Sunny Flowers

For this week's patterns, I revisited some themes from last week, and added some new ones.

365 Patterns:  Random Citrus

First, I did another version of the Citrus Dots I did last week.  I like it.  Bright and happy.

365 Patterns:  Linking Ovals

This pattern was inspired by one I've seen recently.  Okay, it's just like the lining of our diaper bag, only with reversed colors.

365 Patterns:  Strawberry Blossoms

I was feeling like strawberries today, so this pattern turned into a lattice of strawberry blossoms.

365 Patterns:  Strawberries

And then the strawberries themselves.

365 Patterns:  Stormy Clouds

Again, sitting in choir, singing "Singin' in the Rain," I was inspired to make more rainy day patterns.

365 Patterns:  Happy Abstract Flowers

I was working on a flower pattern that was just not working, so I gave up on it (for the moment—I hope to get it figured out eventually) and whipped up this pattern.  I love it!  It's so happy and bright.  Who else is ready for spring?

365 Patterns:  Beachy Argyle

And lastly, my Beachy Argyle.  This pattern was harder than I expected, but again, it is an interlocking pattern, so I should have known.  I just expect classic patterns to be easier for some reason.  I did finally mostly get it.  Some of the stripes don't meet up quite right, but you have to zoom in really close to tell.

My favorite patterns of the week are, by far, the Stormy Clouds and the Sunny Flowers.  What are your favorites?  Any suggestions for future patterns? 

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