24 March 2011

So you know...

For a while, I have been posting every Monday, and then again later in the week if I could manage it.  Unfortunately, even just this is taking too much time away from my family.  So now I'll just post occasionally.  I hope you keep reading my blog, though.  I recommend you follow me via e-mail.  (See where it says, "Follow My by Email!" right above my followers?  That's where you sign up.)  This way, you'll get an e-mail each day that I post something (and no e-mail when I don't).

Thanks to everyone who has supported my blog, and I hope to keep adding fun things...just less often.


  1. I will keep reading, Jill!
    Enjoy your sweet family!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment, Vicki. It really made my day.


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