11 October 2013

Senior Pictures

When I first started taking pictures as a serious hobby, my goal, what I thought was the pinnacle of professionalism, was to have the pictures look like they were taken in a studio.  Like at the mall.  Or for school yearbook pictures.  (Bleh!)

My style has evolved a bit since then.

Now, I love the lifestyle photography look.  Natural light, naturally posed people, friends and family having fun--that's what I like!  

While we were on our family reunion trip, I had the opportunity to practice this style of photography in a way I've never done before:  senior pictures for my beautiful sister-in-law.  We had so much fun--I got a lot of pictures of her laughing!  My MIL and other SILs came along to help with the shoot and join the fun, and we had a great time together.  I love spending time with my family. 

Want to see the pictures we got?  I probably took about five million (give or take), and here are a few of my favorites.

 My SIL loves Mini Coopers, so we borrowed one from a friend for a few shots.

Senior Pictures in a Mini Cooper 1

See?  So happy to be in a Mini Cooper.

Senior Pictures in a Mini Cooper 2

I had fun editing this picture.  Any guesses what year she'll graduate?  :)

More Senior Pictures

I love her eyes in this picture.  Wow.

Next, we took more pictures at the cabin where we had our family reunion.

Senior Pictures Close-Up

I had my telephoto lens on my camera from taking pictures at Mr. MadeIt's graduation (I'm so proud of him!), and my portrait lens was in the room with my sleeping baby.  Telephoto lens it was, then.  I actually love the super-close-up shots I got.

Senior Pictures with HatSenior Pictures with Umbrella 1

Senior Pictures with Umbrella 2

It was starting to rain, so we needed to grab an umbrella from another SIL's car--I'm so glad it was a super-cute one!  I love when necessity makes for good design.  :)

The last place we went was The Gardens at BYU-I.  Beautiful place.  I wish I could take pictures there every day...

Golden Hour Senior Pictures 1

We tried to get here at the "golden hour" (There are two each day:  the hour right after sunrise, the hour right before sunset.) which is hard then that's about bedtime for munchkins.  We managed to catch some of it, though.  Isn't the lighting on her hair beautiful?

Golden Hour Senior Pictures 2

Golden Hour Senior Pictures 3

Golden Hour Senior Pictures 4

Thanks for asking me to take your senior pictures, Sis.  I hope you like them!

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