20 December 2013

"Winter Wonderland" Vest Tutorial from Bethany of I Married Superman

I'm really excited about today's Sew a Song of Christmas project!  But first, allow me to introduce you to our final guest poster, Bethany, who blogs over at I Married Superman.  While I don't know Bethany in real life, I think we could totally be friends.  Her blog is so fun, I love the way she writes, and her projects are great.  Here, go read her About Me page, and you'll want to be friends, too.

Bethany sews a lot for her three adorable little kids, two of whom are approximately my children's ages, which makes her posts extra applicable and fun to read.  She posts lots of tutorials (like this cute baby cardigan!  It's really too bad I hate making ruffles...), and there's the free patterns (Hello, adorable sun hat!), and even totally boy-friendly projects (Captain America shorts!) which can be hard to find.  Maybe my nephew would like shorts like that.  

And now, on to today's tutorial!


I'm so excited to be a part of Jill's series!  Christmas songs are so fun and inspirational.  I'm listening to some as we speak {er....as I type, I should say} and it's makin' me feel so festive.....I feel some hot cocoa coming on!  ;)  

Today my song inspiration-take is on the classic, light-hearted Christmas carol, "Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland."  I have distinct memories of listening to Amy Grants version of the song as a kid.  No matter how many versions I hear, I always go back to that one.  Nostalgia.  :)  

Anyway, I happened to have all of this white/cream colored fur material that I received for free ninety-nine from my sisters neighbors grandma's attic.  I know. I'm all for telling funny, detailed stories, but I'll leave that one alone for today.  

Suffice it to say I had lots of fur material that I didn't know what to do with, so I thought "why not a cozy little vest for my little Lila Lou?"
We waited and waited to take pictures of Lila in this vest for a couple weeks.  Because we thought it would be fun to actually have a winter wonderland to take pictures in.  But no such luck. So I finally let Lila make her own "winter wonderland."
I must say, she really got into character with her tulle "snow."  I mean, check out the frolicking.  :)
A snugly abominable snowman-esqu vest is just the ticket for a winter wonderland walk, don'y ya think?  :)
To make one, all you need is fur material {or a cozy type of material if you're not into fur} and some type of soft fleece material to line the vest.
First get a shirt that fits your child and turn it inside out.  Then fold it in half like so:
Trace it out adding an inch onto each side {or two depending on how much you want the front pieces to overlap}.  You can trace out a front and a back, but I just used the same tracing with different neckline markings.
Using the upper neckline, cut your material on the fold for a back. Then using the lower neckline, cut two separate pieces for the front.
 So you'll have this:
 Do the same for the lining, so you'll have this:
You should have six pieces total.  Two front pieces and a back cut out of your fur material and two front pieces and a back cut out of your lining material.  

 Take the fur material and place right sides together and sew the shoulder seams.
 Do the same with the lining.
 Now sew down the side of the fur pieces.
 And your lining piece.  
 So you'll have two identical pieces just made out of different material.
 Turn your fur piece inside out and open it up.
Place your lining inside the fur vest {with right sides together}
 Sew along one side of the front, around the neckline and back down the front.
 If you flip it around, the vest should look like this:
To complete the armholes, fold the lining arm hole under towards the wrong side of the fabric and then fold the fur piece under in the same way.  Make sure that they align and so you can't see any raw edges.  Pin as you go.
And then sew around so it looks like this:
 Now do the same for the bottom. Fold each piece toward their respective "wrong sides" of fabric.  Pin
 and sew.
Close it up and you should be good to go build a snowman, and call him Parson Brown.  
Here's Lila building hers...putting on buttons
And sticking in a carrot nose.  
Thank goodness for imagination.  :)  Consequently, our forecast says we're in for a real wonderland tonight.  Wohoo!  
Thanks again for having me, Jill! 


Thank you, Bethany!  And isn't Lila so cute?

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Merry almost-Christmas, everyone!

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  1. Jill! Thanks so much for having me! This has been such a fun series! :)


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