18 November 2010

"Out of Focus" Entry

A friend of mine is doing "Themed Thursday" photography posts.  This week's theme is "Out of Focus."  I actually took this picture last week, so it doesn't technically count, but I thought it was perfect for this theme.  I don't know why I like this picture so much, but I do.

This picture is part of the Christmas present I am making for my husband.  I'm taking a series of pictures with our baby holding different letters (made of cardboard covered with paper--this is the back).  It will spell out, "I Love Daddy."  :)  She tolerated the letters at first, carried them around and such.  Now she just wants to throw the annoying letters away from her.  So I have to be sneaky and quick.

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  1. That present is an awesome idea! I'm totally saving it for when I have kids one day!


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