21 February 2011

"Love Beareth All Things" Free Printable

Browsing the blogs I follow, I found this Free Valentine's Printable at Humble Homemaking.  I was so inspired that I stopped what I was doing to make one of my own.

This will look great in a black frame!

We always could use a reminder of what love is really about, even after Valentine's Day.  I hope you enjoy this printable, and be sure to check out the Humble Homemaker's original version!

(Just right click on the picture and save to your computer.)


  1. Wow! Yours came out soooo cute. :) I am glad you thought mine was worth copying. lol. Thanks for the feature.

  2. Cute button! Thanks for letting me know :) I have grabbed it and added it to my featured page. Thanks again!
    Humble Homemaking


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