28 February 2011

How to Make Custom Sewn-in Labels

If you're like me, you want your projects to look professional.  (Actually, I want people to be shocked and amazed at the incredible-ness of my skills.  Hey, I can dream.)  One thing that I've thought about for a while, but haven't known how to do, is to put labels (like those tags in the back of shirts) on the stuff I've sewn.  Well, I was browsing blogland yesterday, and I found this post by Gabriel's Good Tidings explaining how to make your own labels by printing them on ribbons!  Easy, cheap--I love that kind of project.

Basically, you print your design (reversed!) on iron-on transfer paper, then iron it on (go figure) to ribbon.
For specifics, check out Gabriel's post.

Happy sewing!

(Okay, for some reason, the links at the bottom of this post are for Gabriel's blog, not mine.  Any ideas why it's doing that?...)
(Update:  For those of you who are confused by that last paragraph, the problem seems to be fixed now.  I would really like to know what happened, but at least it isn't happening anymore.)

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