28 February 2011

Cosmos Flower Painting for Hailey

My mother-in-law made an ADORABLE quilt for Hailey--it has little mary jane shoes all over it!--and we hung it up over Hailey's crib.  The other day, Hailey realized she was tall enough to grab it.  So it had to come down before she pulled it off herself.  Now there's just a lonely, blank wall above the crib, and we can't have that--time for a new project!  What to do...?

This last Christmas, my wonderful sister offered to babysit Hailey long enough for me to do a painting.  You see, I majored in studio art in college, but with a little munchkin who needs at least 100% of an adult's attention almost all of the time...No time for painting.  (And yes, more than 100% is possible--sometimes Hailey requires the complete attention of multiple adults.)  So I decided to use this incredibly thoughtful and time-consuming gift to make a painting to go over Hailey's bed.

What do you think?  (Ignore the watermark.)

The original is about 18 inches long, but I'm planning to enlarge it and print it off about 5 feet long, so it'll make a really impressive statement there above Hailey's bed.

UPDATE:  I finally got this painting printed, framed, and hung.  Here it is hanging of Hailey's bed.

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