21 November 2011

Gratitude Journal

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday.  In a way, it's kinda nice that the commercial world largely forgets that November has a holiday, because it lets us focus on what Thanksgiving is really about:  family, giving thanks, and, of course, food.  

I'm here at my in-law's house this week.  Mr. MadeIt has been so excited to come.  Boo, too.  Two weeks before we were coming, she started telling me, "Get ready go Grammie, Papa's house."  (I love being here, too, by the way.)

I wanted to write just a quick post today on the theme of being grateful.  I've been keeping this Gratitude Journal for, oh, a little over a year, I guess.  At the end of the day (except when I'm lazy), I take a minute and write down a few things I was grateful for that day.  It's been a nice way to help me see blessings I hadn't noticed before, and it gives tangible proof of how blessed I really am, even when things are difficult.  (I also write about cute things Boo does; I'm always grateful for her!)

Well, that's it for today.  I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, spend lots of time with loved ones, and eat lots of turkey.

Happy holidays!  And happy crafting!

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