28 November 2011

Mr. MadeIt Plays With My Early Christmas Present

Mr. MadeIt got me an early Christmas present--a Silhouette SD!  Yay!  I am going to have so much fun with my new toy!  Mr. MadeIt was actually the first to use it, and he wanted to share his project with you.  So today you get to hear from my wonderful husband!

Hello all,
Mr. MadeIt here. I wanted to show off something I have done. I just got Mrs. MadeIt a Silhouette SD. I know you are thinking “What is he doing? It is almost Christmas.” Normally I'm the one who goes out and gets things for myself just before the holidays, and then I get into trouble because someone else was going to get--or had already gotten--that exact thing for me thinking it would be the best gift and I would be so thrilled. (I did it twice to my mother--oops). But I couldn't think of a good way to get this in a sneaky way (until after I told Mrs. MadeIt that I was getting it for her, of course). But part of the reason for it being early is that she is going to use it to make other holiday crafts that I am sure she will post here. 
But to get back on track, I am an Apple lover. The fruit is good too, but I mean Macs, iPads, iPhones, etc. Windows just doesn’t work. Mac “Just Works.” Now to really get back to the point. I am rather mechanically minded, so I set to learning how the Silhouette SD worked so I could teach my wife the generals and she could get into the nitty gritty later on. In this process I needed something to test it on. I just got a new case for my iPhone and Mrs. MadeIt said it would be cool to make a vinyl (who comes up with spelling for these things?) design for the back of it. So, who better to do that than me? So I watched some of the boring tutorials online and figured the rest out by myself. Then I chose this design because it matched the traditional design for the CTR. (CTR is kind of like WWJD, just shorter and with a cool shield.)  {It stands for Choose The Right.} So I used the tracing tool in the software to “input” the design and away it went. I was so pleased with it that I even gave an “evil laugh of success”. {I can attest to that.  I heard Mr. MadeIt laughing away in the background...} I like it so much I hope it stays on for a long time. 
So, if any of you would like a custom decal for your phone, iPad, computer, car, etc, let us know and we would be happy to make it for you. (For a small fee of course--we haven't decided on pricing, but let us know if you're interested.) 
Anyway, long story short. It was fun, easy, and I made something cool for my iPhone.

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