05 December 2011

Family Portraits!

Family picture time has rolled around again--gotta' get those Christmas cards done!  Since I *pretend* to be a photographer, I don't really want to pay someone else to do the job.  Especially since I don't really like the take-your-portrait-in-the-mall kind of studio shot.  Enter:  tripod and 10 second timer.  (If anyone wanted to get me a remote shutter release for Christmas, they'd be welcome.  My camera's a Konica Minolta.  Hint, hint.)

So last Saturday, we took Boo to the park.  There's this nice brick building that I knew would be great for backgrounds and providing shade.  (It was about 11 o'clock in the morning--I wanted to go when it was warm enough to not wear jackets, but middle of the day lighting isn't really flattering.)  

Boo wanted to run and play, but we got her corralled for a few shots...

If we tell Boo to smile, she opens her mouth really wide like she's yelling or about to eat the world's largest hamburger.  (Why???)  So instead we told her show us her pretty teeth...It's close to a smile.

And then I discovered this nice little alcove--beautiful.  Boo wasn't going to hold still long enough for a whole-family shot, though.  Ah, well.  Her daddy has this picture on his phone already.  :)

And a couple shots of me.  It was fun getting the camera ready, setting the timer, and running into place.  And the pictures are a whole lot more flattering than those at-arm's-lengh pictures I've tried before!

And the Mister.  I did some fairly significant Photoshopping on this one; can you tell what I did?  (Hint:  it's not on Mr. MadeIt.)

One last shot of my wonderful husband!  Thanks for indulging my need to take our own family pictures.

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