10 December 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award 3: Turning a House Into a Home

This week, I'm featuring Turning a House Into a Home.  This blog, by Kristen, is all about "creating beauty on a budget"--which is definitely something I'm into!  Kristen has lots of great (inexpensive!) ideas for beautifying your home.  I found her blog from Pinterest (love that site) with this pin:

Making your own free picture frames?  Yes!

Let's see, what else...

This cool chandelier would be awesome for a party decoration.

And this. I've been wanting to make a rag rug--and Kristen came up with this idea to dye Goodwill sheets--what a great way to get large amounts of fabric on the cheap!

So I am awarding the Versatile Blogger Award to Kristen!

If you accept this award, you need to:
--Link to and give a shout out to the award-giver.
--Share seven things about yourself.
--Send this award on to fifteen other bloggers.

1 comment:

  1. Free picture frames? Awesome!
    Looks like you picked a good blogger to award.


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