12 December 2011

Cousin Presents Again

So last year, I decided to make these stuffed animal elephants for Boo and all her cousins.  This year, I decided to make them all little slippers!  I made Boo's first, to test the pattern.

Yes, this is the same fabric as I used for the elephants.  I had extra.  :)

I was trying to figure out a  fun way to take pictures of these shoes.  In the tree was fun.  :)

I altered this pattern to make these shoes.  I'll get a tutorial written...but maybe after Christmas.  I have three more of these to make!  (There's another cousin on his way!  He'll be here...in February, I think.)  In the meantime,  I'd like to share this cool photography tip I found on how to take glow-y Christmas tree pictures.

Set the ISO on your camera as high as it will go, which is 3200 on my camera.  I didn't remember the rest of the tip, so I just played with the other settings until I got it right.  For this picture, I used an ISO at 3200, aperture at 2.8 (largest my lens can go), and a shutter speed at 1/13 sec.  (This picture is straight out of the camera, by the way.)  Tripods are helpful, since the shutter speed's pretty slow, but I took this without one. The camera will think the picture is overexposed, but that just means the little twinkly lights will show up better!

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