16 January 2012

Customize Goody Bags with the Help of the Silhouette SD

Anyone else feeling un-crafty?  I got all this great crafting stuff for Christmas, and I haven't hardly used it.  On the other hand, I was sick all last week.  (Hopefully this week is better.)

Anyways, I did get one thing done recently:  helping my mom decorate goody bags for the seniors of my brother's swim team.  (My baby brother is graduating from high school this year--how weird is that?  I know he's north of six feet tall, but how is he not still 13 years old?)

But I digress.

My mom was hoping we could use my Silhouette SD to decorate the goody bags, and it was a great incentive to really figure out how to use my new toy.  This is what we came up with:

I designed the text in Photoshop and then traced it in Silhouette's software, but I'm sure you could make it entirely in Silhouette's program.  (I just need to learn how.)

We cut it out of construction paper, and stuck it on the bags with spray adhesive.  For this, I used the red tip for the blade, speed of 3, and stuck it on the less-sticky mat.  A tip for working with construction paper--it tends to clog up the blade.  Have you ever noticed how construction paper is slightly...fuzzier than other kinds of paper?  If you don't pull out the blade and clean it out every page or two (take off the tip and just blow the fuzz off) then it stops working as well.  Easy fix.

So, do you think the swim team will like them?  What am I thinking, of course they will--the bags are filled with food.

(If you've ever known a swimmer, you know they can eat.)

Happy crafting, everyone.  And hopefully I'll be feeling up to making more stuff soon.

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