30 January 2012

One Last Day of Blog Vacation

Do you ever just not want to do anything?  I've been feeling like that for about three weeks.  It's getting better, though--I actually made a couple things with my mom in the past week or so.  You can expect a tutorial on Wednesday, and hopefully regular posting after that.  And in the mean time...

Boo is (in my humble opinion) the cutest little piggy-tail wearing little two year old there ever was!  But I wouldn't be biased or anything.  Maybe a little.  Or a lot.  But just look at those curls!  And those eyelashes!

Ahem.  Back on topic.

I have been working on one project all of my own motivation.  I've been taking/editing family pictures to put up on our wall.  (Our pictures of Boo are sadly outdated.  Why does she have to grow up so fast?  But she's so adorable at every stage, I guess I can't really complain.)  This project isn't quite done yet, but I'm excited to show it to you when it is.

Quick question--do you prefer your family portraits to be in color or black & white?  I usually like color, but there's just something classy about black & white...so I'm undecided...Your thoughts?

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