23 January 2012

Some More Versatile Blogger Awards

For the sake of not having my Versatile Blogger Award features last until the end of time, I think I'll do several mini-features today.

First up, Lovely Little Snippets.  She has lots of great tutorials {like this, this, this, and I really need to make this} and recipes, too.  I want to try out her Freezer Sloppy Joes.  I'm always up for fast and easy dinners.

Next we have Brown Paper Packages.  (Don't you love that name?  I sure do.)  I discovered this blog back in October when I was making those fabric pumpkins--I love how her fabric pumpkins turned out!  I also like her cute ruffly pillow, and lolly pop decorations.  

And then there's the blog Dipped It in Chocolate.  How could you not love a blog that's about delicious chocolate goodness?  And she's fun to read, too.  She has so many great (delicious-looking!) ideas, so just head on over to her blog and get ready to take a free day off any eating-better New Year's resolutions.

Next up is Daffodil Design.  First, her blog is just pretty, clean, and pleasant to look at.  I appreciate a well-designed blog.  Second, she has such cute printables and projects!  My favorite is this Father's Day Questionnaire--questions you ask your kid's about their dad.  The answers are sure to be hilarious.

I think that's good for today.  If you were featured, feel free to grab your award!

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