06 February 2012

Every Girl Likes Jewelry--How About a Trio of Bracelet Tutorials?

Another of the projects my mom motivated me to do during my month of crafting blahs was jewelry making.  My mom wanted another item to go in her Valentine's goody bags, and I suggested bracelets.  I got tired of making the same bracelet over and over again, so I came up with some variations.

Double-Stranded Sea Foam  (Feel free to mock the name--or suggest a better one.)

The World's Easiest Bracelet

And Looper-Tastic.  (That's what I get for asking my husband for name suggestions.)

I will be writing up tutorials for these soon--I hope you like them!

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  1. These designs are fascinating. Well done on constructing function yet beautiful pieces of jewelry. I really enjoyed the image of the "Looper-tastic", it looks like that one took quite a bit of time complete. I am going to have to go Shopping in Tampa FL to find similar jewelry to this when I visit. I was never the crafty type, but I think I will try this project before I go to Tampa FL. Thank you for the inspiration. Finger crossed!


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