17 July 2012

Mommy School--The W Book

I kinda' fell off the blogging planet, didn't I?  I have been working of stuff, but I've also been having pregnancy complications that make it hard to do too much, including blogging.  Anyone else had the problem of their baby being small for gestational age?  My doctor says there's not too much we can do for sure to help, but anything that's good for me is good for the baby--that means more food, water, rest, sleep...  And more doctor's appointments.  So that's what I've mostly been up to of late.

 Hopefully I can get caught up posting the projects I have been able to get done, anyways.  One thing I'm trying to keep up with is Mommy School.  Boo and I like to make books for the letters, so here's what we did for the letter W.

 I try and come up with lots of words that start with the letter of the week, draw simple pictures, and then Boo colors them.

 This week, we also looked up information (and pictures) about walruses.  Boo had fun seeing the pictures of the walruses, and she decided that she was Baby Walrus and I was Mommy Walrus.  Funny girl--we're different animals every day.  :)  I also used this opportunity to teach Boo about ice--that  water turns into ice when it gets really cold, then it turns back into water when it gets warmer.  We turned some ice cubes back and forth (and back and forth).  It was a fun little science experiment.

Then when all the pages were done, we sewed the book together, like Dana did in this tutorial.

Sometimes Boo chooses her Mommy School books for her bedtime stories.  :)  And she always loves watching me sew the books.  I like having something tangible for Boo to show Daddy and to look back on later to remind her of what she's learned.

(Edited to correct bad writing 10/17/12.)

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