05 June 2013

Design My Own: Wear to the Playground Skirts

You know what I realized?  It's much harder to design clothing for yourself than for someone else.  I whipped out lots of ideas for my sister to choose from during Project Sewn (click to see my skirt, sundress, shirt, and other dress if you missed them before), but when it came time to design MY OWN clothes for my new project...so much harder.  I think it's because, sewing clothes for someone else, I was only in it for the experience--my sister paid for the fabric and got the clothes at the end.  But this time I'm more invested.  

{On a related note, I decided that I will not necessarily make the winning design each month; I was too stressed trying to come up with four ABSOLUTELY PERFECT ideas so that I would be completely thrilled with whatever design won the vote.  I did come up with four that I love, so I will probably make the winner, but not promising I will every time.}

After scrapping two completely different themes and lots of sketches, I decided that for my June project, I would: 

Design a Playground Skirt

That is, I wanted a skirt casual enough to wear sitting on the grass, having a picnic at the playground.  Here are my top four designs for you to vote on.  (The poll is on the left sidebar.)

#1--This one is the simplest, and whether or not anyone votes on it, I'll probably make it anyway to test my pattern before trying anything more elaborate.  Simple, a-line, neutral colors to match any shirt--I think I'll be happy with this one.

#2--I like this idea because of the pocket.  I don't like having things in my jeans pockets because they make these funny bulges right where no one wants funny bulges, you know?  But I have to put my phone somewhere.  (Without having to dig through the diaper bag and get to the phone in time to see I missed the call.)  With this skirt, though, I can keep my phone in the cargo pocket.  No funny tummy bulges, no missed calls.  

#3--This skirt could double for date night, while still not being overkill for the playground.  I don't like for skirts to gather from the waist (tummy bulges, again), so I designed this skirt with a fitted yolk, and the gathers start from the hip or so.  I think Boo would like this one best--she likes ruffles and other "fancies."

#4--(Another skirt that can do double-duty for date night!)  I love polka dots.  I couldn't decide if this one should have all big dots, or little dots on the yolk and big dots on the skirt...What do you think?

So those are my four favorite ideas for this month's project.  Please vote for your favorite!  Voting will close two weeks from today, in the morning of June 19.  You may vote for more than one skirt, if you wish.

{By the way, I *may* make patterns for the winning skirt.  I haven't tried pattern grading yet, but I'd like to.  So if you'd like to make one of these yourself, be sure to vote!  And also let me know in the comments.)

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