19 June 2013

Design My Own Skirt Results, and New Designs to Vote On!

I'm so glad you guys voted on my skirt designs!  I was afraid no one would.  So, thanks!!  

 And the winning design, with 8 votes, is...

Coming in close second with 7 votes was... 

I'm going to have to get out to the fabric store this week!  I may even make both skirts...I plan to have the one skirt done in two weeks when I announce the next winning design.

Now for the next set of designs!  I've never made a swimsuit before, so this will be an interesting experience.  It looked pretty easy from the tutorials I read, and I'm going to try!

I found this pretty chevron fabric on Girl Charlee that I think I'm going to go with.  

Which design do you like best?

#1--I think asymmetry is interesting (you may have guessed by the clothing I made for Project Sewn, with my green "signature look" dress, asymmetrical draped shirt, and the high-low skirt).  So I wanted to try a one-shoulder swimsuit.

#2--I really like this design.  I feel like swimsuits tend to make my already smallish bust seem even smaller.  I think the gathering at the front and the band under the bust will help with that.

#3--Here's another one-shoulder look.  I'm not quite sure which one I prefer.  I like the contrast and interest of having the black on the bottom of version 2, but I think it does make the suit look more sporty, and I'm not exactly planning on doing laps down the pool while I'm holding a baby and keeping a close eye on a preschooler...

#4--I really like this design also.  It has gathering in front and the band under the bust like #2, so I think it will be flattering for the same reasons.  I also like how this halter is high  in the front, since halters tend to be low-cut, so it's different.

 All right, those are my ideas!  Voting is open now, and will be for two weeks.  I'm excited to know what you guys think of these designs!  Feel free to write comments as well as vote.  (Hint, hint!  :D)

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