28 May 2013

Project Sewn Week 4: Exploring My Style

We're down to the last week of Project Sewn.  It's been lots of fun, lots of work, and lots of learning.  I'd say that the biggest thing I learned, though, was just that I CAN do this!  I can design clothes, and then actually create them.  I'm going to keep doing it, too, just not one outfit every week.  

I'd like to design several items of clothing each month and have my lovely readers vote on which design you'd like me to create.  I think that should be a lot of fun.  I hope you'll participate!  So, I'll need to come up with some ideas to post your your inspection next week...

But back to Project Sewn.

This week's theme is "Your Signature Look."  When I told my sister the theme, she said, "But my style's boring."  So we're experimenting to find a non-boring style for her.  

I started off with the same base pattern as my sundress from a couple of weeks ago.  Isn't it fun how you can change up patterns?  I never thought of doing that until Project Sewn.  I also took the sleeves/armholes from another pattern I've had forever (and hadn't actually used yet...).  It was a plain sleeve, but I added pleats and shortened it a little.

We picked a bottom-weight fabric (that is, a heavier kind of fabric than, say, the quilter's cotton I used for the sundress) so that the fabric would be able to hold the pleats nicely.  And it does.  I especially love the pleats at the hem of the dress.  And my sister wanted green, since she doesn't have much green in her wardrobe.

I know this doesn't show much of the pleated ruffle, but I liked the picture.

And here's the back of the dress.  Ignore that wrinkle at the bottom.  Apparently I wasn't finished ironing.

Here's a view of the asymmetrical neckline/opening.  I like asymmetry--it's just different, not quite what's expected.

That opening's special in another way, too:  those aren't functional buttons.  There's a zipper underneath.  So, 1) I didn't have to sew a lot of buttonholes, and 2) there's no gapping between or pulling on the buttons.  Win!

Here's a picture of my sister just because she looks so pretty.

Please vote for me starting Friday!


  1. The dress turned out really lovely. Love the pelats on the sleeve and the faux button placket idea is awesome!

  2. I love your idea for designing. I will be sure to vote.

  3. Such a cool dress - I love the hemline.

  4. What a cute dress! It reminds me a bit of one of my old favorite dresses, so you obviously have a good sense of design!

  5. That color is anything but boring. I love it with her hair color. Great job!

  6. Oooo!!! I love the stealth zipper!!!
    I also love the color and the ruffle at the bottom! So cute.


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