23 December 2010

On Vacation, but still Posting!

Hi, readers!  I'm away visiting relatives for the holidays, but I wanted to write a quick post for you.  The other day, I made my little girl a tutu, and it turned out so cute!  This is the tutorial I used.  It was really easy to do, and the instructions were easy to understand.  (Always good.)

Here are a few things I learned while making Hailey's tutu:

The tutorial says to use about 20 yards of 6" tulle, but how much is that if you buy it off a bolt?  I ended up needing about two yards of 50" width fabric to make the tutu for my petite one one year old.  I cut the strips to 6" x 15" (and the tutu pokes almost straight out!).  If your little girl is bigger than my munchkin or you want the tutu to be more of an actual skirt than a ballerina tutu, you'll need more fabric, but at least this will give you an estimate to start from.

I used big fat ribbon to tie the tulle around instead of elastic.  It works well because it can grow with Hailey.  But it was a little harder to tie the tulle around, because I couldn't really put it around an object to hold it for me.

You can feel free to not follow the instructions exactly; it's a forgiving kind of project.

I'll add an update with my own pictures later. (We brought the tutu with us, and I'm sure there will be some great photo opportunities at Grammie's house!)  I've got to go now, it's breakfast time, and Hailey and her Daddy are hungry!

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