24 July 2013

Something's Gotta Change

I needed a change.

It's been like this for too long.

I mean, really too long.

So I finally did it.  I cut it all off.

My hair is gone.  And if you're wondering about the drumstick, I was going for "Rocker-Chick."  Yes, this is about as rocker-chick as I get.  I'm a wild one, as you can see.

Just for some contrast, let me remind you what my hair looked like up until last week:

Drastic change.

My hair is now the shortest it's been since I was four and my parents felt it was cruel to make my sister and me have long hair in the Southern heat.

My dad asked if Boo was by traumatized my haircut.  She actually likes it!  She has told me (over and over) that she likes my short hair.  She doesn't want her own hair to be cut, though, and good thing!  I love her long hair, with her cute baby curls at the end...

I'm still getting used to my hair, but I think I like it.  Wow, it's different.  I keep trying to get it to poke out more, especially in the back...you know...like Rapunzle's hair after Flynn cuts it off.  (Boo's not the only one who likes that movie.)

What was the most drastic thing you ever did to your hair?  Were you glad you did it, or did you wish you hadn't?

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