10 July 2013

The Cargo Skirt

Well, here it is--I finished the Cargo Skirt I was supposed to have done last week, before I got distracted.  I'd say it turned out pretty cute!  I love how well the green skirt goes with the purple shirt I just happened to be wearing (and managed to keep spit-up-free!) today. 

Here's the pocket.  This baby's going to come in very handy.  Cart around phone (phones, actually, since I usually have my iPhone-sans-cell-service in addition to my phone-to-make-calls-on) without adding tummy bulges.  Score.

I made the skirt a very slim A-line, because I think having things in the cargo pocket will pull the skirt down on that side.  So, if the skirt is already pretty slim-fitting, it will not be pulled out of place.

I also included regular jean-style pockets, because I thought they made sense to go with the cargo pocket.  They're good for resting your hands in.  Or they would be, if I had gauged the needed size better.  My fingers fit, but not my thumb, too.  Oops.

I like the decorative stitching.  It does blend in with the print a little, but I think it still adds a little to the design.  

If I make this skirt again (which I probably will!) I will make the skirt from a bottom-weight fabric like this dress instead of using quilter's cotton.  I just think the skirt would be a little nicer in a heavier fabric.  But this green print was leftover from a quilt I made, the zipper came in a pack bought for another project, and the hook-and-eye (you can't see it in these pictures) is leftover from a third project.  So this skirt was entirely free!

Totally cute and useful skirt for free?  Yes, please.

I used to wear skirts only for church or other dress-up occasions, but now I'm getting into wearing them any old time.  When do you like to wear skirts?  


  1. Cute skirt! The fabric was a great choice for this.
    I only wear skirts for church. I love pants.

  2. I love the skirt. If you make it again in a bottom weight fabric I think corduroy would look great. I don't wear skirts very often. The last time I wore one was to get a family picture taken.

    1. Corduroy would be excellent! Good idea.

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