17 July 2013

The Best From-Scratch Brownies I've Ever Made...and they're so easy, too!

Most foods taste better from scratch, but my previous attempts at brownies...well, I always went back to box-mix brownies.  I want brownies to be moist and fudgy, but my from-scratch brownies always turned out more dry or cake-like.  Not that there's anything wrong with cake, but if I wanted cake, I wouldn't be making brownies, now would I?

On Pinterest (where else?), I found this Fake Betty Crocker Brownie Mix Recipe.  Could this recipe really be the one?  The brownie recipe that tastes as good as box-mix, but leave me in control of all the ingredients?  (The Betty Crocker brownies aren't too bad as far as having fake-food ingredients, but I'd still like to eventually eliminate fake-food entirely.)  And could this recipe be really cheap and easy, too?

Oh, yes, my friends.  It is all that.

If you'd like to re-pin the recipe, here's my pin.  And if you'd like to skip right over to the original recipe, click here.

And if you'll excuse me, I think some chocolate is calling my name.  

Do you have a favorite brownie recipe?

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