03 July 2013

4th of July Dresses for My Little Girls

All right!  It's time to announce which swimsuit design won the voting, and it is...

The Gathered Halter!  I'm really excited about that, since this was my favorite design, too!  I ordered the fabric yesterday (HERE, in case you love the chevrons, too!) so I'll be able to start sewing in a few days. I'd better hurry so I can get some good use out of my new swimsuit before the summer's over.  (I can't believe it's July already!)

I know, I should be posting my Cargo Skirt, like I said I would.  But...I haven't started it yet.  (Bad me!)  I've been working on this instead:

Cute little dresses for my girlies!  I like making special 4th of July outfits for my little ones, and with the 4th coming up so soon, their dresses got higher priority.  Neither dress is quite done, though.  Daddy's Girl needs a hook-and-eye sewn on the back of her dress (or a button--that would be cute...) and Boo is not nearly so tall as her dress makes her out to be.  Ah, well.  I have another day, right?

I made Boo’s dress red and white, and Daddy’s Girl’s blue and white (as you can see), rather than either being red, white, and blue, because I didn’t want the dresses to shout “FOURTH OF JULY!” and be less wearable the rest of the year.  So, together the dresses are patriotic, and apart, they’re appropriate for anytime.

I gave Daddy’s Girl’s dress a slight high-low hem for ease of crawling.  If I did it again, I would make the high-low more dramatic--with that little diapered bum in the air, she could certainly manage a longer-in-the-back dress!  But she’ll be wearing cute little pink shorts (that I didn’t make) underneath the dress, so we’re good.  I would make the dress fuller, too, like Boo’s.  There isn’t enough of the blue fabric (leftover from a quilt I haven’t posted yet but plan to) to cut a whole new skirt, so it is what it is.

No zippers, no buttonholes, easy sewing.  I just need to add the hook-and-eye.

Boo’s dress is (and still will be once I’ve cut off the extra 4-6 inches) maxi length.  I suggested making her’s high-low, too, but she wanted it long “so I can hold it up like this when I walk.”  Cute little princess loves her dresses and loves them fancy.  

Boo picked out her fabric, as well as the hem length.  We went through my fabric stash, and first she picked the white and blue fabrics that became Daddy’s Girl’s dress.  But, since the white was just remnants from making this project, there wasn’t enough for a 3T dress bodice.  Back to the boxes we went, and Boo decided on the red/white with red flowers fabrics.  And I think she liked that the fabrics she picked out became her baby sister’s dress.

I think I'll update this post later this week with some pictures of my girlies wearing their dresses to the festivities.

I'm not sure what we're going to be doing for the 4th, besides the annual 4th of July Breakfast my church congregation does.  It's supposed to be pretty rainy, so I'm not sure how well fireworks will work out...What are your plans?

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  1. Cute dresses! I like the idea of having a high-low hemline for crawling babies.


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