06 September 2013

Boo Starts Her First Day of Preschool!...How Did She Get So Big?

First Day of Preschool

Boo started preschool this week!  She is so excited--she would love to go every day if she could.  (It's twice a week.)  She didn't seem to be nervous at all, even on the second day.  The first day, I stayed to see how it's done, but the second day, I dropped her off and went back home.  

Boo has gotten so big.  Who said she was allowed to do that?

One Year Old Portraits

It doesn't seem that long ago that she was a one year old baby, toddling around everywhere, carrying Baby the baby doll, and wanting to be right by me at all times.  (She's still sometimes that way, so I was just a little worried that she'd have a hard time when I needed to leave her at preschool.  But she did great!)

Two Year Old Portraits

Then there's my sweet two year old Boo, with her beautiful bright eyes, adorable pig-tails, and love of Toy Story (all three movies, and she'd go in spurts which one she liked the best).

Three Year Old Portraits

And my precious three year old.  She is so smart, and so loving.  She takes good care of her baby sister, and loves to help me.   She asks questions about everything.  (Really, everything.)

Not too long and my three year old Boo will be gone, too, leaving a four year old in her place.  I'm not really sad my baby's growing up--I love watching her grow and helping her learn.  And I really love that she is learning do do things by herself.  So I guess what I'm saying is, I love all the stages.  Sometimes I wish my girls were little snuggly babies, but at the same time, I'm thrilled Boo is starting to draw people, rather than just coloring abstractly.

First Day of Preschool 2

Good luck at preschool, my darling girl.

{By the way, five other moms and I are taking turns teaching preschool for our combined six munchkins.  (Which is why I needed to watch and learn that first day!)  My first turn is in a few weeks.  I'm a little nervous.  Wish me luck, too!}

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