11 September 2013

Project Run & Play Week 1: If Belle Was a 20's Flapper (aka Drop-Waist with Ruffles)

So, does everybody know about Project Run & Play?  It's the kid version of Project Sewn, which I participated in earlier this year.  (I made a date night high-low skirt, a 50's inspired sundress, an asymmetrical draped knit shirt, and a button and ruffles dress.  You could go and check them out; I'll wait for you.  ;)

The theme for week one of PR&P was to remix the Popover Dress.  (It's a free pattern--HERE.)  This is my interpretation.

Jill Made It:  If Belle Was a 20's Flapper--a Popover Dress Remix

When I showed Boo the mostly-completed dress, she said, "It's a Belle dress but it has sleeves!"  Really, to Boo, any yellow dress is a Belle dress, but I thought it was a Belle dress, too...if Belle was a 20's flapper.  :D

Jill Made It:  My Little Girl Dancing in Her New Dress

The original dress is a simple A-line with a small yolk and tie straps.  While my version of the dress looks significantly different than the original, structurally speaking, it's altered very little.  The straps no longer tie, and I added sleeves.  Besides that is the obvious drop waist and ruffles, but those were just sewn on top of the A-line dress--no structural change.

Jill Made It:  Bare Feet and Ruffles

So it was a really simple alteration.  But I learned something important in the process:  I really don't like making ruffles.

I love the dress.  I think it's adorable.  Boo loves the dress.  But Daddy's Girl will not be getting a matching dress.  Ugh, the ruffles.  So adorable, yet so time consuming.

Jill Made It:  Sunshine and Ruffles

But look at this happy face.  Totally worth it.  And speaking of "worth it," this dress was completely free.  There's the obvious free pattern, plus the blue fabric was leftover from a project I completed ... two years ago? and haven't posted yet.  (Hmm, might should do that...)  And the yellow fabric was leftover from this summer skirt I posted two years ago.

Jill Made It:  Beautiful Morning Sunshine Backlighting

And as a side note, I've been wanting to get a picture like this (with the sun behind the person's head, lighting up their hair so prettily) for just about forever.  But it's hard to get out to take pictures when the sun is low enough.  So I'm really excited we could take pictures early enough in the morning to get this shot.  And isn't Boo beautiful?  Awww...


  1. The drop waist and ruffles are adorable! - worth the effort, but I know what you mean about making ruffles, so time consuming!

  2. The drop waist gives it such a different look, while keeping recognizable elements of the pattern--nice remix!

  3. I'm totally into drop waists this fall so this caught my eye! I think it's adorable.

  4. Your title made me laugh out loud!!!! And the dress is absolutely darling....seriously!

  5. Oh my gosh, so adorable. Definitely flapper Belle. :) I once saw a bunch of cute "casual" Disney princess-inspired outfits on Pinterest, but I can't find it anymore. I'll try to track it down.


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