11 December 2010

Wooden Nativity Set {with free pattern}

My husband and I wanted Hailey to have a nativity set that she could play with, and that would also look nice decorating out home.  So we made her her very own set out of wood.  It was lots of fun to do, and Hailey loves to play with it.

You will need:
my pattern :)
pencil or pen for tracing onto the wood
wood--we used white pine, 4 x 12 x 1
        --some 1/8 inch thick wood for star and angel wings
scroll saw
sand paper
wood glue
paint (and other painting supplies, you know)
optional:  a spray sealant

Here's the pattern.  It's sized to print on a regular 8.5x11 sheet of paper.  (That's why the stable is cut in half.)

After you print and cut out the pattern, arrange the pieces on your wood.  

 Joseph had the wonderful idea to use pushpins to hold the pattern in place for tracing.

Here it is all traced out.  Avoid knots if you can.

Cut them out.  Sand away any splinters.

Glue the wings on the angel.  (We ended up cutting the wings in half and gluing each wing on separately.)  Glue the two halves of the stable together.  Don't glue the star on just yet.

Once the glue is dried and set, paint everything all cute.  :)  This is the fun part.  You can paint them like we did, or completely different.  If your kids are old enough, let them help.  :)

After everything's painted and dry, glue the star onto the joint in the stable.  It covers up any imperfections in glueing.  (Always a good thing.)

Spray on the sealant, if you want.

Now you're done!

Here's the finished nativity set, in front of the nativity Hailey isn't allowed to play with.


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  4. Thank you! I've been looking for a simple pattern for a nativity that I can make with my 78 year old mom. This is perfect! We're going to make 3, one for each of my married children, so my mom's great grandchildren will have something special made with her own hands!


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