13 July 2011

I love getting free stuff in the mail!

A while back, Homemaker on a Dime hosted a giveaway from WholePort.  It was really cool--I could pick from several options what crafting material I'd get for free.  All I have to do is "Like" them on Facebook, and when the material arrived, make something and post a picture of it on their Facebook page.  Free supplies and all I have to do is show off my project?  Deal.

Yesterday, it finally came!  Isn't it pretty?  It has a kind of shabby chic/vintage feel to it.

I wondered what color it was going to end up being; they called it "Vivid Pink Rose Lace Trim," but the picture on the website didn't match that description.  But no worries; if it was vivid pink, I'd make a dress for Boo.  If it was a more subtle color, I'd make something for myself.  

Looks like I win!  Now, what should I make?  I was thinking about making myself a maxi dress, like this one I saw at DownEast Basics, maybe as a swimsuit cover-up, maybe as a regular dress, and use the trim at the waist.  But I haven't decided yet.  I have about a yard and a half of the trim.

What would you make?

Update:  If YOU want to get free stuff, too, WholePort is still giving crafting supplies away, but the deadline is tomorrow at 11:59 EST.  Click here (quickly!) to join the fun!  


  1. I decided to do it to!!! I asked for package number 7! Have you decided what to make?

  2. Lucky you! I entered that giveaway. I'm a new follower from Blogaholic. I hope you come by mine. I'm having a blog hop, and would love for you to link up. http://www.meldreamsoften.com

  3. I decided to make a skirt. I'm making my own pattern, so wish me luck!
    I can't wait to see what you make! If you post your finished projects on your blog, send me a link (e-mail to jillmadeitblog{at}gmail{dot}com or leave a link in the comments) so I can see!


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