21 August 2013

Cutting Watermelon the Easy Way

I hope you've been enjoying Summer Swimming!  For today's addition, my wonderful husband is going to explain how to cut watermelon the easy way.  Enjoy!


Hello there, Mr. MadeIt here. 

 I love a good watermelon. Sadly, I am about the only one in the house who feels that way. So I usually only get it at the grandparents’ house. But that is ok. 

 Naturally, I go and help with the food preparation, especially that of cutting and cooking. (And for some reason, setting the table {shrug}) As you probably know, cutting watermelon can often be a bit of a challenge. 

Cutting Watermelon the Easy Way

But then I saw this PIN. Wow! It worked so well. I have never cubed a watermelon so fast. And I am no slouch with a knife. I highly recommend it to all watermelon cutters. 

 The pictures tell the story pretty well, but I thought I would spell it out for those verbal learners. 

 Cut the entire watermelon into quarters long-way.  (Not pictured)

Slicing Watermelon the Easy Way: Step 2

 Cut the vertical layers.

Cutting Watermelon the Easy Way: Step 3

Cut the horizontal layers.

Cutting Watermelon the Easy Way: Step 4

Lastly cut it from the rind.  You may have some watermelon goodness left on the rind, but a spoon can make quick work of that, too. {Mmmm...}
Cutting Watermelon the Easy Way: Finished

 This method works great for preparing a bowl of watermelon (my favorite), or a fruit salad. This is the fastest and best way to dice a watermelon I’ve ever seen. See the original post here

 Thanks for reading and happy watermelon eating!


Thanks, love!  

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