07 August 2013

Super Easy Sarong Style Beach Cover-Up Tutorial

A couple of years ago, I made myself an easy swimsuit cover-up out of a beach towel, but I couldn't find it this summer!  I'm sure it will show up once the weather starts getting cold again...Isn't that the way it always goes?  Ah, well.  I guess I have an excuse to make myself a new cover-up!

(Yes, this was before my haircut.  My hair didn't grow out already!)

The cover-up I made last time was easy, but this one was super easy.  Beginning sewers need not fear!  

And then, when I was writing up this post, I came up with an even easier method!  The way I made this cover-up didn't take very long, but this new way would take almost no time at all!

Ready?  It might take you longer to read this tutorial than it will to make the cover-up.  And all you need is two yards of a pretty knit fabric and some coordinating heavyweight ribbon, such as grosgrain, in whatever width you prefer.

Step 1:
Decide how long you want your cover-up to be.  Cut your fabric so it is two yards x that length.  Knit doesn't fray, so you don't have to hem it or anything!  (I used quilter's cotton, so I did hem mine.  So it still didn't take long, but I'm excited about this no-hem option!)  Depending on how long you want your cover-up, you may even be able to get two cover-ups from one length of fabric.  Or a maxi-length skirt would be...ooo, that would look really nice.  I think I'll do that next time.  :)

Step 2:
Wrap the ribbon around your waist and tie it.  Now that you know how much ribbon you need, cut it to size.  Go ahead and finish the ends however you want to.  (Some ideas:  cut at a diagonal to minimize fraying, use a lighter to melt the edges of synthetic ribbon, or coat the edges with clear nail polish.)

Center the tie on the top edge of the sarong, and stitch it on like in the picture, leaving enough of the tie free on both sides so that you can, you know, tie it on.  (I made a tie out of more quilter's cotton.  Ribbon will be much cuter.)

Now you're done!  Head over to the pool, and enjoy taking random artsy photos of the brickwork.  (What?  That's just me?  Oh...)

Ah, there we go.  Enjoy your finished sarong.  That makes more sense.  Sillyness aside, I really like how the fabric cascades down where the cover-up ties closed.  And wouldn't it look even better in a beautiful knit?  Totally doing it that way next time.

But I do love the random artsy shots.

So, what are you doing this summer?  Beach?  Swimming pool?  Family vacation?  It's been ridiculously rainy here, but hopefully we'll be able to go to the lake sometime soon.

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  1. This is a really handy DIY tip for sarong lovers! Thanks for this!


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