31 August 2013

Fast, Easy, and Elegant Ombre Earrings Tutorial {Plus How to Make Hammered Headpins}

Fast, Easy, and Elegant Ombre Earrings Tutorial

I hope you've had fun with our Summer Swimming series; we have!  From making and using sea glass, to sewing cute and practical cover-ups for yourself and your little ones, to visiting family, we've had a lot of wet and wonderful fun this month.

For the last installment for our Summer Swimming, I made these quick and easy ombre earrings.  I like how the beads transition from white to dark blue, like the waves of the sea.  But at the same time, it's not so water-themed that you feel you can only wear them at the beach.  And I like long, dangly earrings.  Not that I feel safe wearing them quite yet--Daddy's girl is still likely to pull on them when I least expect it.  

These earrings are really easy to make, but if you're an absolute beginner, check out my Holiday Earrings Tutorial.  It goes over some basics I'll skip over here.

Ready for the tutorial?

Fast, Easy, and Elegant Ombre Earrings Tutorial--Supplies Needed

You Need:
Two pairs of pliers (one being round nosed)
Jewelry hammer and anvil (optional)
Two ear wires
Two jump rings
Four small white beads
Two medium white beads
Two medium light blue beads
Two large light blue beads
Four large dark blue beads
a length of 20 gauge wire a half inch longer than your finished length (or two headpins)

Note:  This anvil has a bit of metal on it to protect it from scratches, so the scratches won't be transferred to another project .  They don't come like that.

How to Make a Hammered Headpin

How to Make a Hammered Headpin:

This is so easy.  Just take your length of wire and hammer the end of it until it flattens wide enough that your beads won't fall off the end.  Easy and done.

{If you don't have a jewelry hammer and anvil, you can still make your own headpins.  Just use the method I did to make my Holiday Earrings.}

Fast, Easy, and Elegant Ombre Earrings Tutorial--Thread the Beads

Then just thread your beads on your brand-new headpin...

Fast, Easy, and Elegant Ombre Earrings Tutorial--Make a Loop

...make a loop at the top, cutting off any extra wire, and attach the jump ring and ear wire.  And you're done!

Fast, Easy, and Elegant Ombre Earrings Tutorial--Finished!

If you missed any of our Summer Swimming fun, just click on the images below to check them out.  I'm hoping to make this series a yearly event, only next year it will be Summer Swimming and Sun.  :D  What kinds of things would you like to see in next year's series?

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