19 October 2011

Family Night Pumpkin Painting

Growing up, we almost never carved pumpkins.  It's a mess, it's hard for little ones to participate, and the pumpkin goes bad so quickly.  So what we did instead was paint pumpkins!  (Okay, having several little ones painting is a mess, too, but at least it's not a pumpkin-innards kind of a mess.)  Ahhh, good times painting pumpkins...

Mr. MadeIt and I decided to continue the pumpkin painting tradition in our family.  So for Family Night last night, we had our first ever Pumpkin Painting Night!

Here we are, hard at work.  Wow, we look so serious!  Except for Boo.  She was just enjoying her sucker.

...Which stained her mouth blue.

Mr. MadeIt's pumpkin decided to be an Indian for Halloween.  (Ignore the ketchup bottle in the background; we had just finished dinner.)

Boo wanted to keep her pumpkin au natural.  She was very adamant about keeping her cute little pumpkin as is.  (She's very adamant about everything these days.  I think it's because she's two now.)

And my pumpkin would like to wish you a

And happy crafting.


  1. That is a fun idea. Something we have done the last few years and the kids love. We buy the kits from the store that you can use to make faces on the pumkins. They are almost like Mr. Potato head pieces. They have all different kits. The kids love to mix and match the different pieces and make silly pumpkins.


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