29 October 2011

Our Halloween Costumes--Quick, Easy, and "Boo"-tiful

Yep, Boo is dressing up as her namesake this Halloween.  (When I told my brother that, he said, "Of course.  What else would she dress up as?"  My thoughts exactly.)  I think she looks so much like Pixar's Boo (with lighter and longer hair), but so many people at our church's Halloween party last night asked, "Didn't she want to wear a costume?"  Oh, well.  Boo loved it, and I thought it was adorable, so we're good.

Boo is so excited about her Halloween costume.  It's probably a good thing she got it dirty the day I took these pictures--otherwise, I may not have have been able to convince her to take it off!  

This was, by the way, the world's easiest costume.  Long pink t-shirt + purple pants from Boo's closet + socks from her drawer + pigtails = one excited little cartoon character.

In case you're wondering, Boo does still insist on being called "Boo."  When I took her to the doctor's for her two-year-old check-up, the doctor called her by her given name.  Boo immediately corrected her:  


And here she is watching her favorite movie--which is no longer Monsters, Inc.  Now she likes Toy Story (any of the three, but especially the two with Jesse).  Often, the first thing she says when she wakes up is, "Watch Buzz!"

But I digress.

I love it when entire families dress up according to a theme, so Mr. MadeIt and I tried to figure out how we could dress up to match Boo.  ...But I just didn't want to make Mike and Celia costumes.  It was way too much work for such a uni-tasking costume.

So Mr. MadeIt picked up a couple of capes from Wal-Mart, and we decided to be vampires.

I think I make a pretty good vampire, if I do say so myself.  (But some white face powder wouldn't hurt.)

And this was another super-easy costume:  red Wal-Mart cape (though I would make my own if we'd decided on costumes earlier) + red jewelry + black dress + lots of dark eyeshadow.

And I love it.

But we found out that while a brunette in all red and black (plus massive amounts of dark eyeshadow) looks like a vampire, a redhead in all red and black (with no eyeshadow--I did suggest it) just looks like a redhead wearing all red and black.  Now what?

Mr. MadeIt came up with a great last-minute idea.  He decided to be the Shadow.  Apparently he's a character in an old radio play, but I hadn't heard of it.  Mr. MadeIt whipped up a Shadow costume for himself in maybe ten minutes (but probably less--I love these simple costumes!)...and I realized I don't have pictures of it yet.  I'll have to update this post after our Halloween party tonight.

And for those of you who are shocked that I'd never heard of the Shadow, you can rest assured:  after our church Halloween party last night, my husband and I watched the movie version.  (That guy has such a crazy laugh!)


Are you excited for Halloween?  It's almost here!  Will you be dressing up, or just the kids?


  1. Your vampire look is fantastic. :)

  2. I think I only know what the shadow is because Mr. Madeit is my brother!

  3. I think I am going to die from cuteness! Did they pattern Boo after your child?


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